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Worth a look: The Bike Shed

One of the best motorcycle clubs / brands around

One of the best parts of owning a bike is being a part of an amazing community. Some riders will go to meets and rallies whilst others will become club members, whereas some will only interact with their fellow bikers through the internet. One of the fastest growing communities out there is The Bike Shed.

To those who haven’t heard of The Bike Shed before here is a short introduction grabbed from their website;

The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club started in November 2011 as a blog about Anthony “Dutch” van Someren’s journey as modern sportsbike rider into the ‘new wave’ custom motorcycles everone was reading about online – the cafe racers, brat-style, scramblers, etc.

He wrote about the new bikes and builders on the scene, especially in the UK & Europe. The blog attracted a crew of friends and contributors, originally including custom builders Tim & Kev from Spirit of the Seventies, Adam from Untitled Motorcycles and Art Director Barry, from Two Wheels Only & Motorcycle Deluxe.

The Bike Shed continues to host an active blog which will hold the interest of any motorcycle fanatic, and The Bike Shed have hosted some amazing shows over the years, not just in the UK but also France, and are continuing to expand and grow in popularity.

No longer just a club, The Bike Shed is now a brand in it’s own right, selling clothing and accessories any rider would be happy to own. Not restricted to an online only presence, The Bike Shed offers venue space for hire and a fully stocked bar/restaurant. Music venue and barbers are some more strings to the very versatile bow!

I would love for some of my work to be featured on their blog which not only hosts amazing works of art but also showcases some amazing photography. Some of my work has been submitted to The Bike Shed by clients along with build details and stories of hard work. With a bit of luck you may see one of my shots featured, in which case I will be the first to brag about it!