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Unbelievable Fiery Forging Goodness

Much Fire, Many Hammers, So Metal!

Working in Events means lots of time away from home, which also means lots of spare time. How you choose to use this spare time can often lead to interesting results.

Like anybody away from home, alone and bored I spend a lot of time on the internet, especially on YouTube. With over 505 million channels uploading content on a regular basis there is always something interesting to watch. One channel that had caught my eye is that of Alec Steele.

Each week Alec streams live to his audience of 106,000+ followers, and uploads a new video every day (well, most of them!), videos typically show Alec at work in his forge.

It is a pleasure to see how Alec can move metal and the exotic creations he can come up with. Everything from his quirky British demeanor to the beautiful pattern welded steel he makes, it all makes a quality show. Production quality is high and with so much content already available to watch you are sure to enjoy watching Alec’s work.

Away from the world of YouTube and Alec has a rich history in the art of blacksmithing. A quick Google search will find articles of Alec travelling to the United States of America to hone his craft along with Alec’s own website, On this website there is an online school starting from “Blacksmith 101”, all the way to Advanced Tool Making. Alec may have found fame on YouTube, but his real talent is teaching, with testimonials to back it up.

After watching a lot of Alec’s content I decided to reach out to him and try to make contact. Surprisingly this was easier than expected, with a reply within 12 hours.

Details pending it looks like I may be fortunate enough to photograph Alec in his forge doing what he does best, swinging a hammer and making metal sing, I’ll keep you updated.