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Time to blow off the cobwebs

Starting your motorcycle after winter storage

With the start of spring many riders will be looking to bring their motorcycles out of storage. Before you throw a leg over and ride into the distance there are a few checks you should make.

Check your rubber

You would be surprised how many people do not check the air in their tyres before riding. A simple check could have disastrous consequences if ignored.

It is also a good idea to over inflate your tyres slightly the day before bringing your motorcycle out of hibernation. This should remove any flat spots caused by sitting on the tyres for an extended period.

Got lube?

A quick and easy check, do you have enough oil in your engine? Has it been slowly crying over the winter? When was the last time you checked?

With an oil and filter change being such a simple service, spoil yourself a little and give the engine some fresh blsuch

Can’t stop me now

Brakes are probably the most important component on your motorcycle. A quick test that they still work is vital. Don’t be the guy who rides away and can’t stop at the lights, test your anchors, time and air is all that’s needed to turn brake fluid into useless gloop.

If you have a rear drum brake it’s worth checking your brake hasn’t seized up. The grime you didn’t clear off before storing may have clogged the braking mechanism. Simply check that moving the rear brake lever is smooth and without abnormal resistance.

A clean bike is a happy bike

The best way to make sure you’re bike is ready for spring is to clean it. A good polish will help you spot what needs attention and what doesn’t. Don’t forget to clean the rear mudguard and check the frame for rust.

Most importantly of all, enjoy another year on two wheels!