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SPOTTED: Cooter’s Cafe BMW K1100

Unicorn spotting in Amsterdam

“Love at first sight” is a phrase often used to describe infatuation on first meeting with another person… no reason it can’t be used to describe a bike… right?

Whilst working abroad Amsterdam I was walking from my hotel to a highly recommended beer outlet, De Bierkoning. With over 1,000 different beers to choose from (rotating through seasonal beers over the year) and imported from all over the world, you are not short of choice!

Crossing the road I heard an almighty growl behind me.

As soon yellow headlight beamed into sight I knew this was no ordinary motorcycle approaching me.

Raw aluminium frame, clip on handlebars and… wood?!

I quickly asked for permission to grab a photo whist the rider was stopped at a red light. With a slight grin and a nod I was allowed to quickly grab an impromptu portrait. Effortlessly cool, the sunglasses gave a slight Jean Reno appearance.

The traffic lights go green and the almighty growl returns. As quickly as this mysterious bike came into my day it was gone, however I had proof of its existence.

A spot of digging revealed the bike to a true one-of-a-kind custom build by one Erik Kalter, known as Cooters Cafe.

About the bike

Based on a 1994 BMW K1100RS, fondly known as the flying brick, Erik had to make substantial changes to create what you see today.

To begin with the bike was put on a diet. The entire rear subframe was removed and replaced with a custom aluminium setup. With a high polish, the subframe and tail were left unpainted.

The fuel tank was lengthened and lowered, along with the front forks and. A two-tone brown paint job, along with a fantastic wooden spark plug cover complete the look.

More photos, along with an extensive write up, can be found on Pipeburn HERE.