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Special Delivery from Canada

A chance encounter

People are quick to write off the human race as being a selfish species, without a care for others and above all else awful creatures. I too held that belief until a chance Twitter encounter with a man named Conrad Knauer. Conrad is from Canada and has a healthy interest in all things radioactive.

An active Twitter user, Conrad is happy to share his love of clicks with who can offer a decent conversation.

We started talking about radioactive camera lenses and Conrad was kind enough to send me, from his own private collection, a camera. A Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL SLR 35mm film camera with a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

This is a very pretty camera, although it has definitely seen better days. At nearly 50 years old time is beginning to show its mark. The mirror is stuck and there are various scratches and dings, but nonetheless this is still a beautiful piece of kit. Simple but beautiful, something that cannot be said of most modern cameras.

The camera is in need of a strip and clean, but I am confident I can get it working again. Whilst it awaits the repair it currently sits on display, pride of place, in the dining room.

In return for the camera and lens I am preparing a goodie parcel of English goodies. In summary a very pleasant non-transactional experience which has restored my faith in humanity, thank you Conrad.