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Making the most of business travel

With lounge access comes free drinks!

Working in the Events Industry certainly comes with it’s downsides, but also perks. Today I begin the journey to Mumbai for a week long event.

My journey includes a 2 hour drive to the airport, a 3 hour wait at said airport, and finally a 9 hour flight. This is made more palatable by travelling business class, which this time comes with lounge access.

Lounge access is a funny thing. If you don’t make the most of it you could argue what is the point. However, if you drink alcohol you could drink the difference between an economy and business class ticket in 3 hours. This was my challenge.

I started simple, a couple of beers with my complimentary meal, Chicken Tikka Masala. This was swiftly followed by a pair of gin and tonics, Gordon’s and Schweppes in this case, which the bartender was more than happy to serve.

A conversation in and the bartender admits he rarely gets to use his training, with most people asking for wine. I decided it was time to test this bartenders skills and asked for a favourite of mine, an Old Fashioned.

Unfortunately the bartender admits he has no access to Angostura Bitters and therefore cannot meet my request. Instead of admitting defeat we try to find a way around this predicament.

A double shot of Johnnie Walker Black Label is our starting point, and a good one at that. We then add a sugar cube and a helping of soda water. The only thing remaining was the orange peel, which again eludes us. As a result we improvise once more, and add a dash or orange juice instead.

The end result? An exquisitely smokey drink without any burn.

No doubt I got some strange looks from the other jet setters at the bar, but truth be told I would do it again to enjoy my time waiting for my flight.