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Looking back at year 1

It's been a rollercoaster year

It’s been one hell of a ride, but Piston Photography has now been an entity for a whole year! Ongoing equipment tweaks have improved the quality of photos in a short space of time, along with editing skills.

It isn’t unusual to look back at a photo from a previous shoot and wish you could do it differently. The contrast between editing and shooting styles from a year ago to now is startling.

Below is a comparison of an early shoot I really dislike, and a more recent photo I like a lot:


Quite a change, wouldn’t you agree?

The most notable change is a more defined style, whereas previously editing was rushed, over-processed in places and, quite simply, sloppy. Another change of note is the watermark… smaller in size and consistent in placement. Whilst no issue to some, others find a large watermark distracting and unprofessional, so smaller and less intrusive it has become.

What would I like to improve on further over the coming year? Portraiture. Below is still one of the best photos from my portfolio:

Photoshoots with people are more difficult to organise as you are introducing another party to the mix, with there own variables to take in to account. Persistence pays off however, and it is my hope that over the next year more faces will grace the gallery.

Until then… Happy Birthday to me!