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LED vs Flash Photography

Why use LED lighting?

Call me insane but I’m not a fan of using a flash gun.

Where necessary I use LED lighting panels and flood lights to illuminate my shoots. I was recently asked why I prefer to not use a flash gun. So here are 5 reasons why continuous lighting is better than flash photography;

  1. What you see with your own eye is what you can capture with the camera, and you don’t have constant changes in light levels (making it easier to work in the dark).
  2. If you need to shoot video a flashgun is pretty useless whilst an LED panel will work in both still and motion photography.
  3. It is much easier to control where the light is going. With a flash gun you have to take a shot and then adjust your flash position and angle accordingly if it doesn’t give the effect you are after. With continuous lighting you can aim once and get it right first time.
  4. LED panels are far easier to work with for longer exposures as you can simply dim the lights whereas a flash is generally brighter and you run a risk of overexposing details such as hair or chrome.
  5. You can change the colour temperature of your subject without altering the white balance of the entire frame. This is especially useful if you want to add a bit of contrast between the backdrop and your subject.