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If I had the cash: Triumph Bonneville Bobber

'British is best' is back!

A monthly feature on the blog, what would you buy if you had an endless supply of cash burning a hole in your wallet?

Once upon a time, you would have struggled to find anything built as well as the stuff coming out of Ol’ Blighty. Slowly that became less of a fact and more of a memory, however Triumph have started to bring some of that classic British charm back!

The new Bonneville has been an undeniable success for Triumph, and British engineering. With retro customs being back in fashion it was only time before Triumph jumped onboard.

Costing £10k new, the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber isn’t exactly cheap. What do you get for your money? Arguably the best looking modern motorcycle today. Floating seat, pre-war styling, classic British fit and finish, you wouldn’t have to try hard to justify your purchase, if at all.

The custom bikes scene has been gaining traction lately with manufacturers approaching builders to create one-off specials. Triumph has gone against this growing trend and have done a far better job than any of the custom builders have. The reception of the final product has been so far ahead of the competition you have to wonder why Triumph didn’t try this sooner.

Power comes from a 1200cc liquid cooled 8v parallel twin, with all the hoses and nasty looking bits cleverly hidden away. Kicking out 76bhp this is no slouch but don’t expect to set any lap records on a track day, this is a bike designed for riding smooth and steady, and looking good whilst doing it!