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If I had the cash: Royal Enfield Himalayan

Retro enduro with a modern twist

‘If I had the cash’ is a monthly feature on the blog where we look at a motorcycle I would buy if I had the means necessary. What would you buy if you had an endless supply of cash burning a hole in your wallet?

Not everyone is a fan of motorbikes. I get it, they can be dangerous if used irresponsibly and can be expensive to maintain. However there are some bikes that even anti-bikers can’t help but admire. The Royal Enfield Himalayan is one such machine.

Let’s get this out the way, this thing is gorgeous! Triumph are the kings of the ‘retro look modern bike’ but it looks like Royal Enfield are giving them a good run for their money.

Not content with sticking with the cafe racer resurgence we are seeing at the moment, Royal Enfield have created possibly the most desirable modern motorcycle available.

411cc of air cooled thumper put out a rather relaxed 24.5 bhp. This may seem underpowered for an adventure bike but what you need to think outside the box. It actually gives you freedom to ride worry free. Full throttle, up to the 6500 rpm redline without fear of needing a replacement pair of knickers.

Is it the prettiest bike on the market? Absolutely not, the Himalayan is utilitarian in every meaning of the word.

Easy and fun to ride make the Himalayan a fantastic first big bike.