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Get a grip

More power, more control and it looks awesome too!

Something I have been after for a while is a decent battery grip, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks with the added flexibility.

All my shoots to date were using an Olympus OM-D E-M10, a fabulous little camera, however the E-M10 does have a number of limitations, the main one being the lack of accessories available. I believe this is a direct marketing decision to keep the other OM-D models competitive (the E-M10 was the final OM-D model to be released and has a couple of features I am now giving up).

Even with leaving a few updated features behind, such as the improved viewfinder, improved screen, improved menu system, built in flash and WiFi, I still believe I have made the right choice.

I sold the E-M10!

Pairing the E-M10 with a kit lens I picked up off Gumtree for a fraction of its real value I was able to sell the set at a price higher than I myself paid, giving me the funds necessary to win the E-M5 at auction, complete with the HLD-6 battery grip I have been searching for, along with batteries and such.

Yes the E-M5 was released 2 years before the E-M10, I believe it is a superior camera given the 5 axis IBIS as opposed to the 3 axis IBIS, the weatherproofing and the use of grips and other accessories (the E-M5 also has an AP2 port).

Initial impressions are very good with the grip providing not only extended battery life but also a fully functional portrait grip… it looks pretty great too!