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Do your research first

Enter the rear lens element...

In the heat of G.A.S. I failed to consider the possibility of certain lenses not fitting my focal reducer, and had I done my research I would have learnt that the Yashinon-DX is renowned not only for its radioactivity but also the fact that when focused to infinity the rear element protrudes… a lot!

As a result it will hit the lens element in my focal reducer which would allow me to get even more out of the lens, and reduce the 2x crop factor I am currently stuck with. This isn’t a deal breaker, meaning my new 50mm prime is now an equivalent 100mm prime – still incredibly useful.

With a maximum aperture of f/1.4 this is my fastest lens wide open, although will most likely spend most of its time around f/2.0 – f/5.6.

I will upload a comparison of my current lenses in due course to show the different characteristics these legacy lenses have, in the meantime though remember to do your research!