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Daventry Motorcycle Festival 2017

A day in the sun with motorcycles, food and music, whats not to like?

After a long week working in Scotland I was ready to put my feet up for a bit and relax, enjoy the sunshine. That was the plan until I got a call informing me of the Daventry Motorcycle Festival for 2017. I didn’t even know Daventry was having a motorcycle festival!

Camera in hand I jumped in the car and headed over. In short time I arrived and was greeted with the sound of V-Twin engines, the sight of classic motorcycles, and the smell of leaking oil. Bliss.

There was a wide range of bikes on display ranging from custom machines to modern day pocket rockets. If bikes aren’t your thing then their was a stage with performing artists and plenty of food around to try.

After the experience the Daventry Motorcycle Festival is a date I will be putting in my calendar for next year, no question.

The photos from the day can be found HERE.

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