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My name is Chris and I love motorbikes.

As long as I can remember I have had a bizarre affliction for all things with an engine be it cars, machinery, factories or motorbikes.

Photography came much later in my life, but I quickly found myself fascinated. This isn't a love of the latest Instagram filters, I mean the nitty gritty of lighting, lens construction, the sound of the shutter firing, all of this adds up to what makes photography special. It's the only product on this planet I can think of where the raw materials are simply light and time.

I am based in Northampton however I am always happy to travel, in fact it is a large part of my job working in the events industry. I've covered a most of Europe, ventured to the United States of America and experienced the amazing cuisine of India, Hong Kong and the Far East... not bad for work!

I don't have a studio of my own, however there are plenty of local studios where time is available (for a fee). Shooting on location has always provided more interesting backdrops and can help to give your photos more character.

I won't charge what I wouldn't pay if I were paying myself, I won't steal your bike, and I like to think I'm a pretty nice guy to talk to.

You can contact me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on the contact page HERE.