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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit my Portfolio!

It all started with an extortionate quote for a personal photoshoot, so ridiculous that I decided to try myself. Years of reading, practicing, failing and learning later I caught the shutter bug.

After years of festival and rally shoots I soon started organising shoots for paying customers, and as such began my journey to hopefully becoming a semi-pro (its a hobby that at least pays for itself). With plenty to learn I am keen and eager to work, putting in 100% whenever the day job allows.

I am based in Northampton however I am always happy to travel, in fact it is a large part of my day job working in the events industry. Improving with each press of the shutter (I feel so anyway) I am willing to be challenged and pushed beyond my comfort zone to try new styles and techniques - it's the best way to improve!

Most of my work is with available light, however I do have experience using continuous lighting sources and some flash photography. I prefer working with available light as the end result is generally more to my taste.

Feel free to check out my portfolio and blog, if you are interested in a particular photo or shoot I will be more than happy to share the story behind the photo.

Have a good one!